CentradeHoldings.com's main task is to extract the largest possible profit from exchange operations at crypto-currency trading markets.

We can guarantee a stable inflow of profits, as we are always searching for new, more appealing and profitable operation methods.

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DDoS Protection & SSL

We have both an official DDOS protection as well as a certification courtesy of the Comodo Positive SSL that proves our genuine commitment and seriousness towards this matter.

Safe And Secure

Here at our company, the most prevalent focus that we maintain relate to providing our clients with optimal returns on their trades and operating using a secure system that ensures the safety of our client's personal information during transactions.

Risk management

We employ a talented team of professionals who have years of valuable experience in relation to this industry. Their backgrounds have given them the knowledge and resources they need to efficiently make predictions that result in success as well as make use of detailed strategies that manage risks.

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How Its Works

Trading on our Platform is very easy, firstly you need to Open an Account with your right details, Login and choose from our list of Trading Plans, make deposit then wait for your trade to grow afterwards you can request for withdrawal.

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You can Start by Creating a new account with us, make sure to fill in your right details when signing up.

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After creating an account login and choose from our Trading plans then make deposit to start trading.

Finance Growth

Wait till your trading gets matured after which you can request for withdrawal using your prefer payment method.